Some pics of Alice … for inspiration’s sake

12 Nov

Well, here’s a couple of photos that I took of Alice in one of my many trips back there … the other one, the first one, is a photo of me in front of that impressive painting in Melbourne – at the NGV … it’s one of my favourite paintings of all time – it’s called Anewrlarr anganenty (big yam dreaming) and it’s by Emily Kam Kngwarray whose language group is Anmatyerr. I like standing in front of that huge canvas when I get the opportunity.

At the bottom is a sketch I did in Alice, based on a photo I took whilst walking around town collecting images for The Long Weekend.

2 Responses to “Some pics of Alice … for inspiration’s sake”

  1. craig san roque October 4, 2012 at 12:32 am #

    dear josh

    the shoes hanging on the line are mine. they were removed from our clothes line by Pamela. M.

    inkli sn roque

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