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Edge radio benefit gig poster

5 Jun

I banged this one out this week for Edge Radio – youth radio here in Hobart that I spent two years being a presenter for. I’m also a regular member of the Hobart Improv Collective who will be playing with the Tasmanian Improvised Orchestra (I need to change the name on the poster tonight). The monster is eating a Shakuhachi … which I shall leave as a Hobartian in-joke for you to wonder about.

Acousmatic Ecology series of videos

4 Mar

Later this year (2012) I shall be travelling to Europe and hopefully playing a few shows within this series of music. Recently played on the roof of Mona (see last blog) and the response appears to have been very positive which is nice: that was an outdoors gig, very chilled out and as, a consequence, less intense than this particular video. Highlight was playing with Brian Ritchie at the end – he chose the Beatles song – Within you, without you, which was a fave of mine in my adolescent years and it totally took me back.

This particular video was filmed at our house in Tasmania in front of the amazing wallpaper in our bedroom, Nadine helped me choose clothing that camouflaged me in with the surroundings, as Acousmatic sound is sound one hears without seeing an originating cause. Without any furniture in the room – the acoustics were phenomenal with the old Tassie Oak floorboards that we uncovered throughout the house.

Details of any concerts in Europe to be announced here.