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See below for support materials of Joshua Santospirito’s previous work and some images from Sydney/Purgatorio. Below that you will find a biography and curriculum vitae for Joshua Santospirito, and a brief biography for Craig San Roque.

Synopsis of Sydney/Purgatorio
Sydney/Purgatorio reimagines the city of Sydney as Mount Purgatory from Dante’s Divine Comedy, a place where souls migrate to in order to purge themselves of their past traumas before they can move onto paradise everlasting. In the city of Sydney immigrants arrive traumatised from war-torn countries in the hope that they can build a better life in this new country. The graphic novel follows Dante and Virgil, the two main characters of the Divine Comedy, and their four days in Sydney/Purgatorio. The two men arrive via a tunnel from the underworld and begin a walking  tour through the streets of the city. They meet Dr Rooke and Beatrice in the backstreets of Woolloomooloo, alchemists and psychotherapists, who assist people’s journey to paradise. The two Italians meet with locals and the ghosts of historical people such as Governor Arthur Phillip and begin to piece together a sense of Sydney’s immigration history, this in turn assists Beatrice to piece together the answers to a murder conspiracy that dates back 227 years to the colonisation of Australia; a murder that set the tone for the entire city’s existence, playing out in the behaviour of those who inhabit the city. The book’s fourth and final chapter explores the process of alchemical psychotherapy and how Beatrice assists those with traumatic histories to consolidate and heal their souls.

Below: Rough concept sketch for page for Sydney/Purgatorio, Ink and watercolour on paper, Joshua Santospirito 2016. Words by Craig San Roque.

Below: Rough concept sketch, of angels at the Sydney Opera House, words by Dante taken from Purgatory. Ink on paper, Joshua Santospirito 2017

Below: Front cover of Swallows Part One, by Joshua Santospirito. A graphic novel about migration from the Italy/Aeolian Islands to the city of Melbourne. Published in 2015 by Sankessto Publications.

Below: Page from Swallows Part One, Ink on paper, by Joshua Santospirito 2015

Below: Joshua Santospirito at the exhibition of art from Swallows Part One, held at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne July-October 2016.

Below: Front cover of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, adapted and drawn by Joshua Santospirito, published in 2013 by Sankessto Publications.
Graphic-novel-web copy

Below: A page from The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, 2013: ink on paper by Joshua Santospirito.

Below: A page from The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, 2013: ink on paper by Joshua Santospirito.

Below: Joshua Santospirito receiving the Chief Minister’s Non-Fiction Book Award ($2000) at the NT read awards in Darwin in May 2014 for The Long Weekend in Alice Springs.
Photo - Joshua Santospirito

Below: Joshua Santospirito at his exhibition Sleuth: The Delegation. Held at Sawtooth Art Gallery in Launceston April 2014 and at Tuggarenong Arts Centre April 2015.

Below: Page from ‘Sleuth: OMG’ by Joshua Santospirito, published in Island magazine #137, 2014.

Artist/writer – Joshua Santospirito is a multimedia artist, musician, mental health nurse and writer who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. His prime obsessions revolve around language, culture, anthropology and psychology. Josh managed to synthesise all of these things in 2013 with his award-winning graphic novel The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, which was adapted from an essay by Craig San Roque. Between 2014 and 2016 he organised and ran Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival in Hobart.

Selected Publication History
The Long Weekend in Alice Springs – Sankessto Publications, 2013
Fluid Prejudice – Glass Flag Press, 2014
Island Magazine #137, 2014
Meanjin September 2014
Swallows Part One – Sankessto Publications, 2015

Solo Exhibitions
2012 November – Inflight Art Gallery (Hobart), Sleuth: the origin
2013 May – Watch This Space (Alice Springs), The Long Weekend in Alice Springs/Sleuth)
2014 April – Sawtooth ARI (Launceston), Sleuth: the Delegation
2014 August – Top Gallery (Hobart), The Long Weekend in Alice Springs
2015 April – Tuggeranong Arts Centre, ACT, Sleuth: The Delegation
2016 April – Visual Bulk, Hobart, Sleuth: The Pulse

Selected Awards and Grants
2012 – Assistance for Individuals, Arts Tasmania (2013 program)
2014 – ComicOz Award for Best Australian Original Comic Book for 2013 (The Long Weekend in Alice Springs)
2014 – NT Read Non-Fiction Book Award (The Long Weekend in Alice Springs)
2014 – Shortlisted for the Ledger Awards (The Long Weekend in Alice Springs)

Selected Festivals – writing, visual art and performance
2010, 2012-16 – MONA FOMA
2013/15 – Tasmanian Writers Festival
2013 – Emerging Writers Festival Roadshow, Hobart
2013/17 – Dark MOFO
2014 – Emerging Writers Festival, Melbourne
2014-16 – Director of Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival
2014-15 – NT Writers Festival
2014 – Helsinki Comics Festival
2015 – Digital Writers Festival
2015 – Melbourne Writers Festival
2017 – Something Somewhere Film Festival
2017 – Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Cowriter – 
Dr Craig San Roque, a psychotherapist, is based in Alice Springs, with twenty years experience working on the ground and consulting in a range of Indigenous and remote area community, mental health and cultural projects. His works  include the 2013 award winning graphic novel The Long Weekend In Alice Springs, Psyche and Place, on the psychological effects of intercultural work, and the 2015 Alice Springs hybrid theatre  performance, Persephone’s Dog.