Plain Air Radio interview

21 Feb

Here is an interview from 2013, that has recently been posted, of Josh being interviewed on Edge Radio 99.3fm in Hobart – by Bridget Hickey and Caitlin Richardson.

Graphic Contents – Digital Writers Festival thingo

19 Feb

Chatted on this with David Blumenstein, Ashley Ronning, Cameron Baker and Leigh Rigozzi at the Digital Writers Festival –

Digital Writers Festival

18 Feb

Thursday the 19th of Feb, 8pm on YOUR COMPUTER – jump onto this website and watch Josh talk with David Blumenstein, Ashley Ronning,Leigh Rigozzi and Cameron Baker – all in DIFFERENT places. LIVE CHAT!

Karen – an open submission exhibition

3 Feb



The ongoing adventures of Karen the mildly cranky eastern quoll from Oatlands

– open exhibition – June 5
at Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival

ANYONE can enter artwork (including kids!)
Artwork due May 21

* as in YOU can put in one drawing / photo / painting / whatever / single-image / comic etc which sticks to the title … It can also deviate from the title … If you’re feeling mischievous.

All artwork to be PG rated, we’d like to see if we can send this exhibition to the State Library later on if it’s successful.

Exhibition opening is 5th June, Friday 7pm at The Homestead in North Hobart: exhibition runs all of June. As part of Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival. Keep your ears open for announcements in Mid May!

All images need to be
– 210 x 210mm
– On white-ish paper (you can colour it if you like … But just so you know – the exhibiting wall is orange … So if you wanna leave lots of blank space then choose your colour accordingly)
– NO need for FRAMES, but keep in mind we might use Blu-Tak for this exhibition. If you rather it were pinned, let us know when you deliver it.

Artwork delivery
– at the Drink & Draw session May 21st from 5:30 at The Homestead on Elizabeth Street (come and have a beer and a draw with us when you drop off your image). Late entries are welcome too … But not TOO late please.

Keep in mind – drink and draw is monthly (3rd Thursday of every month) and it’s fun and low-key… It involves drinking and drawing … And you should come to it.


Neil Gaiman

28 Jan

At MONA FOMA in January I found Neil Gaiman with a little help from festival curator Brian Ritchie – it gave me the opportunity to hand Mr Gaiman a copy of my book The Long Weekend in Alice Springs. Now Hobart is a small town, and all my friends were at that amazing festival (you should come – MONA FOMA is a freak of a good time): and I had a bit of intel that Neil Gaiman had been sighted coming out the jumping castle, and down at the cafe reading it … so it was nice to hear he’d had a look.

A week or two later – he tweets this ->

Neil Gaiman Twitter

Collaboration with Blair Rideout

19 Jan

Full performance recording here


The Noise Edition: Hobart+Music=Yeah!

12 Jan



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