Hoppers 2: lifesick

7 Dec

San Kessto Publications has published ANOTHER comic – Tricky Walsh the art-machine has churned out issue 2 of Hoppers, her incredibly large planet engulfing saga involving a train … that you just gotta sit on, until it crosses the planet and drops you back where you got on … damn … and it’s slow … really bloody slow.

So stoked – for Xmas you can buy 3 DOWN THERE TasComix for the price of 2 – including both Hoppers issues + Blood and Bone. Click on the poster below – YAY! Will ship immediately so you get it before Christmas and can chuck it under your tree …


Writings – 2014

28 Nov

In 2014 i got a little excited again about the written word … it’s been a long while since I put any written word out there for the world to see – since in the last few years I’ve become more concerned with words & pictures. Here’s a few things I wrote this year for those that might be interested –

Island Magazine #137 (print) – Translating Culture and Comics, an article I wrote which accompanied a series of talks I gave in Hobart and Darwin about the making of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs graphic novel.

Island website – Prejudicial Ink (review of Fluid Prejudice)

Meanjin website – What I’m Reading

My blog – Something i wrote whilst sitting in an art gallery – fairly spontaneous thoughts, unedited and raw – and nice.


Free D’Livery

23 Nov




Drums drums drums

22 Nov

I’ve been smashing away for a while now – coming up with some themes that I’d like to run together into a solo-drumming performance artpiece in the not-too-distant-future. This was just me jamming, recorded it so I could hear where it was at – thought I’d share with ya’ll.


Boronia Beach – Snorkel Posse

13 Nov


Long Weekend short-films

10 Nov

We have recently managed to find time to record Craig’s narrations (much thanks to Ross Muir at Reddirt Records in Alice Springs for taking the time to do this) and put them to animations of some of the art from the graphic novel. Have a looksee at what we got down here!!

Pt 1 – The Long Weekend in Alice Springs: Manka Maru


Pt 2 – The Long Weekend in Alice Springs: Around the campfire


Pt 3 – The Long Weekend in Alice Springs: The Hospital



Pt 4 – The Long Weekend in Alice Springs: Sunday


Pt 5 – The Long Weekend in Alice Springs: the weekend is over

Fluid Prejudice Re-inks Australian History

26 Oct Featured Image -- 2708


Another beautiful review of this Anthological gem.

Originally posted on :

“The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” – Mark Twain

Review by Sky Croeser

Unlike most histories from above or below, Fluid Prejudice stands out as one that doesn’t provide a coherent narrative. Instead, it’s a dream-like journey through Australian history, haunted by the violence of colonization. Single-image cartoons jostle with longer stories, and well-known figures sit side-by-side with personal stories. Some characters recur in different forms across stories, shifting from the foreground to the background. This jumble creates a more radical approach to history which leaves questions and contradictions unanswered, rather than offering the reader an easy vantage-point.


Title: Fluid Prejudice
Creators: Sam Wallman, Aaron Manhattan, Safdar Ahmed, Katie Parrish, and others (50 contributors in total)
Editor: Sam Wallman
Published: Self-published in 2014
Page Count: 175 pages
Other Specs: Softcover, black and white interior with colour cover

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