Sleuth is an ongoing series of comics which branch across a few different “mediums” – zines, exhibitions of comics made for the wall, poster comics, paintings, short works in literary magazines etc. It loosely investigates the current situation of Australian spirituality … and what it looks like today.

A Potted History of Sleuth
* November 2012 – Sleuth: the Origin, an exhibition of criss-crossing comics at Inflight Art Gallery, Hobart
* November 2012 – Sleuth comic, to accompany the exhibition in Hobart
* March 2013 – Brief series of Sleuth poster-comics released
* May 2013 – Sleuth: the Origin – exhibition travelled to Alice Springs, accompanying The Long Weekend in Alice Springs exhibition
* July 2013 – Comic – Sleuth: There’s Somethin’ Rotten on the Apple Isle, available from San Kessto
* April 2014 – Sleuth: the delegation, an exhibition held at Sawtooth ARI, Launceston, Tasmania. Reviewed here.
* June 2014 – Sleuth: OMG, 4 page comic released in Island Magazine.
* September 2014 – Sleuth: The Transcontinental Distress in Meanjin magazine
* April 2015 – Sleuth: the delegation, an exhibition held at Tuggeranong Art Gallery, ACT.
* July 2015 – Sleuth: The Pulse – tba

Comics from the series
– The Department of Conversation
– The Academic
The Waldheimerin

Process diaries from the 2012 exhibition in Hobart
Here’s diary number#1 – March
Diary number#2 – May
Diary #3 – October 2012
Diary #4 – November – installation!! Here’s a general post


An image of the 2012 exhibition in Hobart – in a very tight space – the Paddy Lyn Memorial Space at Inflight ARI


Images from the 2014 Exhibition – Sleuth: The Delegation at Launceston’s Sawtooth ARI


Sleuth: The Transcontinental Distress, published in Meanjin 3, 2014
Meanjin 02


Sleuth: OMG, published Island Magazine #137 in 2014

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