Sleuth is an ongoing series of comics which branch across a few different “mediums” – zines, exhibitions of comics made for the wall, poster comics, paintings, short works in literary magazines etc. The title character is Ivan Brackic, a pseudonym for  the artist John Brack, who is the main character throughout the series, though there are countless characters who get their turn to shine. It loosely follows his investigations into the current situation of Australian spirituality … and what it looks like today.

A Potted History of Sleuth
November 2012 – Sleuth: the Origin, an exhibition of criss-crossing comics at Inflight Art Gallery, Hobart (Now known as Constance).
November 2012 – Sleuth comic, to accompany the exhibition in Hobart
March 2013 – Brief series of Sleuth poster-comics released
May 2013 - Sleuth: the Origin – exhibition travelled to Alice Springs, accompanying The Long Weekend in Alice Springs exhibition
July 2013 – Comic – Sleuth: There’s Somethin’ Rotten on the Apple Isle available from San Kessto
April 2014 – Sleuth: the delegation, an exhibition held at Sawtooth ARI, Launceston, Tasmania. Reviewed here.
June 2014 – Sleuth: OMG, 4 page comic released in Island Magazine.
September 2014 upcoming – Sleuth: The Transcontinental Distress

Sleuth #2

Current – June 2014 – Sleuth: OMG, 4 page comic released in Island Magazine.

Here’s some comics from the series 
The Department of Conversation
The Academic
- The Waldheimerin

Process diaries from the 2012 exhibition in Hobart
Here’s diary number#1 – March
Diary number#2 – May
Diary #3 – October 2012
Diary #4 – November – installation!! Here’s a general post

Below is a diagrammatic representation of how the first exhibition functioned – later publication Sleuth comics have continued the concept by placing separate stories on top of each other – it has an amusing effect … the occasional serendipity.



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