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Hubert Duprat Catalogue

14 Apr


Nadine Kessler – who made the beautiful book-design for The Long Weekend in Alice Springs recently designed this art catalogue for the French Artist Hubert Duprat who has something of a retrospective exhibition at MONA in Hobart. The first major exhibition in the English-Speaking world, outside of the French speaking world. It’s an exsquisite book – incredibly refined and despite its restraint and its focus on letting the art speak – actually has quite a character about it. I think it really sings beautifully well with its content. Check it out if you get the chance, its at the MONA shop.

Originally posted on nkd blog:

I’m forever grateful to Mona for having this opportunity to practise my long-forgotten French and also for having been given the job to design Hubert Duprat’s exhibition catalogue. Probably one of the most comprehensive catalogues about the work of this quite shy and witty French artist. Check out the exhibition here :  Mona  … Check out the catalogue here :

Hubert Duprat Catalogue Design – MONA from NKD on Vimeo.

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2 Apr

Originally posted on soundklub:

Convergence – a compilation of Hobart noise & experimental music – Volume One
can be bought from the Rough Skies band camp – features Hobart-based noise makers – and will be launched at SKeleven
image – Sally Rees 2014

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Joshua Santospirito’s Craig San Roque’s Long Weekend in Alice Springs

3 Feb


A review of the Long Weekend in Alice Springs by Jonathon Shaw.

Originally posted on Me fail? I fly!:

Craig San Roque, The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, adapted and drawn by Joshua Santospirito (San Kessto Publications 2013)

1lwas In 2004, an essay by Alice Springs psychologist Craig San Roque appeared in the formidably titled volume, The Cultural Complex: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives on Psyche and Society, edited by Thomas Singer and Samuel L. Kimbles and published by The Psychology Press in the UK. According to an author’s note, the 16-page essay, ‘A long weekend: Alice Springs, Central Australia

suggests that ancient, habitual, mythically reinforced psychic structures may be repeating themselves autonomously from a basic pattern, rather like a DNA system. Such patterns may be encoded into legends or hieratic dramas associated with specific sites and can be detected by analysing mythologised stories embedded in cultural sites, by analysing how a culture developed (and perverted) the use of primal tools and by noting what cultural groups do…

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Sound Klub X

18 Jan


This is a concert in Hobart that I am organising with the Sound Klub guys – very excitement. Nadine Kessler did the poster for us –

Originally posted on soundklub:


Poster by Nadine Kessler

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3 Dec

Am now back from Radelaide where the book The Long Weekend in Alice Springs is now launched!!!!
Also managed to fit in a concert, playing at Feltspace ARI which is a great little gallery near the centre of town run by a nice bunch of people. Many thanks to them for having me come and visit.

More about that later perhaps, in the leadup to Summer/Xmarse – we have ANOTHER comic launch at Sankessto Publications!!

Next Thursday after work – come down to the Hobart Bookshop for a launch of Tricky Walsh’s new comic!!
It’s the Second comic in the Tasmanian comics series DOWN THERE!!



Down There #2 launch coming up

24 Nov

Down There #2 launch coming up

Recent stuff

3 Nov

Heya – things have been fun lately … but busy.

I flew to Sydney last week for the NSW booklaunch of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was launched by both Pat Grant and Dr Anne Noonan. Immediately after that I went upstairs in the MCA and attended the great Blood & Thunder anthology event where the comic artists did great comic-readings and presentations of their work.

AND this week I did a presentation of the same book in Hobart at the infamous Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) as part of the Emerging Writers Festival Roadshow (see image below).

November 30 – I’ll launch the book in Adelaide  - HOW EXCITING! I haven’t been to the city of Churches in yonks! I’m a big fan of their botanical gardens. Jennifer Mills will launch the book for South Australia!

EWF 2013


SYD Launch – Thurs 24

22 Oct

web 2013 Nov-Oct Book tour

A Review of One Thousand Cuts, by Rod Moss

12 Oct


“The Long Weekend in Alice Springs” gets a mention in this beautiful review of Rod Moss’s new book – “One Thousand Cuts”, a book you should have on your bedside table tonight.

Originally posted on howardgoldenberg:

One Thousand Cuts by Rod Moss

One Thousand Cuts by Rod Moss

One Thousand Cuts: Life and Art in Central Australia

A book of the dead?

Yes, explicitly so.

Names are named, a violation of all norms, all practice in both whitefella and blackfella Australia.

Rod does this by virtue of trust, explicit consent, indeed the command of Rod’s friends.

Rod Moss’ singular role – to witness, to record and transmit.

Rod Moss grew up in the country. Well, in the 1950’s the Dandenong Ranges were country-ish. But he was never “in country” until some time well into his long apprenticeship under Edward Arranye Johnson, in and around Alice Springs.

Moss’ first book, “The Hard Light of Day” recounts that apprenticeship, which began with a spontaneous act of neighbourliness and evolved through friendship to become a connection of spiritual father to son. The building and the losing of that bond are the subjects of that first…

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‘The Long Weekend In Alice Springs’

23 Aug


A fine review of the Long Weekend

Originally posted on The Webworld of Charlie Ward:

A book review, for something different:
Image of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs

Craig San Roque’s Long Weekend In Alice Springs

Adapted and drawn by Joshua Santospirito. San Kessto Publications, 152pp, $35.

Alone on a clear winter’s night in 2008, I lugged my swag up a dry creekbed a couple of kilometres north of Alice Springs and slipped into unconsciousness. Later, from the inchoate, moonlit sand beneath my head, the guttural sound of a wild dog’s growling dragged me back to my body. Seemingly, I had been suspended deep in the remnants of the ancient, granulated ridges beneath me—now terrifyingly rendered into a conduit for dog-noise. By the time I found the means to move, the hound had gone, unsighted, into the night. On the fringe of Alice Springs a few weeks earlier, another person—somnolent like me, though inebriated—had been killed by a pack of wild dogs. Another had been severely injured. I decided to drive myself…

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